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January 01 1970

Travel itinerary, maps and a photo blog of trip highlights
  • A Quick Summary

    High-level itinerary with Google map with POIs
  • Day1-4: Nakasendo (... more ...)

    Exploring the 旧中山道 (old Nakasendo highway) established during period of the Tokugawa Shogunate to connect Edo (Tokyo) to Kyoto in the ancient times. Staying in the inns of the post towns of 馬籠 (Magome), 妻籠 (Tsumago), 奈良井 (Narai-juku). Ending this segment with a visit to Matsumoto Castle.
  • Day5-6: Omachi Hiking (... more ...)

    Hiking from 高瀬ダム (Takase Dam) to 湯俣温泉 (Yumata Onsen), staying in the mountain lodge 晴嵐荘 (Seiranso) in the mids of Takase Gorge. Soaking in 仙人閣 (Senninkaku) one of Japan secret onsen in 葛温泉 (Kuzu Onsen).
  • Day7-8: Around Matsumoto (... more ...)

    The Japan Ukiyo-e Museum, 亀田屋 Kametaya Sake Brewery's historical house. Cycling in the Azumino area to Hokata Shrine, Tokoji Temple, 大王わさび農場 (Daio Wasabi Farm).
  • Day9-12: Kamikochi (... more ...)

    Reflecting upon the mirror lake from Taisho Hotel 上高地 大正池 ホテル, hiking the trails of 上高地 Kamikochi National Park, tucking in the grill river trouts of 嘉門次小屋 (Kamonjigoya). A night in Shirahone Ebisuya 白骨ゑびすや, soaking in the milky white water of the secluded Shirahone onsen village