Villa Markisa and around

Feels great to be returning here a 2nd time. Beautiful gardens, immaculate rooms, tranquil atmosphere, good food, good diving and of course all the wonderful staff of Villa Markisa.
P1020503 P1020504 P1020506 P1020587
P1020529 P1020538 P1020540 P1020508
P1020570 P1020512 P1020527 P1020523  Continential Breakfast at Villa Markisa
P1020542  Indonesian Breakfast P1020530  Gado Gado and Chicken Sate P1020531  Fish Sate P1020541  Lunch - Thai Beef Salad
P1020532 P1020522 P1020591  Tea break by the pool P1020544  Prawn Ravoli
P1020584 P1020545  Pre-dinner drinks P1020536 P1020539
P1020573 P1020576 P1020548 P1020549
P1020551 P1020552 P1020534 P1020586
P1020566 P1020507 P1020509 P1020514
P1020516 P1020525 P1020564 P1020565
P1020577 P1020578 P1020580 P1020595
P1020596 P1020511 P1020597  Bali Dive and Spa Resort P1020598  Bali Dive and Spa Resort
P1020601  The only thing left to do when there is no diving ... 20141014 065022  J P1020599 P1020600
P1020603 P1020604 P1020605 P1020547
P1020554 P1020555 P1020556 P1020557
P1020558 P1020559 P1020560 P1020561