A selection of my underwater photos for those who do not want to go through all my missed shots !
P1070859 P1080589 P1080164a P1080201  Doto bella
P1080221 P1080242 P1080253 P1080294A  Lissoporcellana sp.
P1080343 P1080380A P1080420A P1080440
P1080434A P1080009A P1080010A P1080088
P1080477 P1080492 P1080493 P1080615  Phycocaris simulans
P1080678 P1080262 P1080448 P1080502
P1080189A P1080516A P1080481A  Costasiella kuroshimae P1080509
P1080225A P1080146A P1080519A P1080528A  Tiger Shrimp
P1080532A  Tiger Shrimp P1080527  Tiger Shrimp P1080099 P1070870a
P1080127 P1080277 P1080548 P1080688A
P1080708 P1080210  Skeleton Shrimp P1080690  Skeleton Shrimp P1080709
P1080721 P1080727 P1080067  Juv Hairy Frogfish P1070875  Juv Dragonet