Cebu 2014 - Mactan & Malapascua

 25 Jul to 27 Jul 2014 


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25 Jul to 27 Jul 2014 - Mactan

Flight: SQ 5066
Singapore (SIN) Terminal 2
Fri, 25 Jul 2014 09:05

Cebu (CEB)
Fri, 25 Jul 2014 12:45

For this trip, since we had a total of 9 days in Cebu, I decided to do 1 day of diving in Mactan just to check out the area prior to heading north to Malapascua. Apparently Mactan is a favorite spot for koreans and japanese. Even the little local kids in the streets greet you with ... An-nyeong-ha-se-yo.

BE Resort is a modern fusion beach hotel with a very small beach front. Nice clean modern and pleasant facilities.
No complains about the resort but just a tad too touristy for me. The overall atmosphere did not feel like a REAL beach resort yet !

Was about late afternoon after 4pm+ by the time we settled with Fun & Sun Dive Travel for the next day's dive logistics. Wanted an early  dinner and went to Rosewil's BBQ upon some recommendation.

Ordered a BBQ fish, adobo sqiud and Lato (our favourite local "carviar" seaweed). While the fish was fresh and nicely grilled, we felt that Rosewil was relatively over-priced. We paid about php1200 for the above, 1 cup of rice and 3 drinks. While I made it a point to confirmed the price of the seafood in advance, I was not told of the HIDDEN cost. They charged php240 for "cooking charges" for a php350 fish. Not sure if that was the norm but we did not encounter cooking charges at AA BBQ and other joints. Not exactly a place I would return too ...

26 Jul 2014 - Diving Mactan and around
Our dive guide Kenneth from Fun & Sun (Mactan) picked us up at the hotel via the beach front for a boat transfer to the main dive boat.
We made 3 dives at Olango Island, Hilu Tungan Island and Talima Point.

I only had 3 dives there, but my general impression is that diving around Mactan was average, at best slightly above average. The coral and fish life in the sancutuary were healthy, with lots of large groupers and a fair amount of macro subject. It was meant to be a warm-up dive for me before Malapascua, maybe I have not seen the best of the place with my limited time there ?

Lunch was grilled fresh on-board by the multi-talented boat crew cum chef. Everything was super yummy with BBQ prawns, grilled stuffed squid, grill chicken thigh, grilled pork together with rice dumpling.


After getting several opinion from the reception and the bell boy for the BEST BBQ in Cebu, we were undecided between Maribago or AA BBQ. We finally decided on AA BBQ which was a 20mins ride by taxi, just off the airport. php140 as there was a traffic jam due to the heavy rain.

At AA BBQ, how it works is that you pick the raw food from the counter, hand it over to counter girl who will write down what you ordered.
Go find a seat and another waiter will get the paper slip from you and take orders for drinks and rice from the table.

Since we only had 1 more dinner opportunity in Cebu, we just went overboard and ordered everything !
- Grilled Squid
- Grilled Prawns
- Grilled Pork Belly
- Lechon Kawaii (roasted pork)
- Seaweed
- Grilled Clams
- Chorizo (spicy and non-spicy sausages)
- Kinilaw (which they missed the order but we were too full anyway)

While there was no prices listed during the ordering process, it was nice to know that all the above, 1 beer and 1 coke works out to php1200 (~ SGD$35). The wait staff were always cheery and the place had a nice overall atmosphere.
We would definitely come back here again next time !!

Back to the hotel to pack and get ready for our journey to Malapascua the next day

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