Hokkaido 2013 - Singapore to Hakodate

  11 to 24 Dec 2013
  Enjoying the fresh seafood of Hakodate and Otaru, beers of Sapporo,
whisky of Nikka
iding down the slopes of Akaigawa in Kiroro Resort


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11 Dec 2013 - Getting there

Flight Details
- NH152  Singapore-Haneda 11 Dec 2013   22:20 - 06:00 (+1 day)
- NH853  Haneda-Hakodate  12 Dec 2013   10:35 - 11:55
Note: Even with check-through luggage, we were required to pick up the luggages and hand them over to the domestic luggage counters in Haneda.

The transit time was just nice, allowing us to leisurely handle the luggage, take a shuttle bus from the international terminal to the domestic terminal and have a simple breakfast there. Most restaurants were not opened till 10:00, so we just picked  various pre-packed items ... tonkotsu sandwich, origini and some bento set for breakfast

The 787 are the newest series of planes that ANA had ... a lot of bells and whistles electronically but frankly it is the most uncomfortable seats ever

12 Dec 2013 07:00hrs - arrived at Hakodate airport as planned.
The bus from Hakodate airport to the Hakodate JR station was a local bus, it was close to impossible to handle the luggage.
The normal taxi will not fit 4 luggage (3 x 26" , 1 x 21") , lucky for us there was a MPV taxi was able to accommodate everything. Was about Y3000 for the 15mins ride.

Arrived at Hotel Route Inn Grantia which is our stay for the next 3 night. They kindly held our luggage till check-in time at 3pm.

Hotel room was typical of all Japanese business hotel ... small but well organised to make use of every small gaps there was. I chose this hotel as it had a nice onsen on the top floor over looking the hakodate town.
Great place to stay 1 min to JR station, 2 mins to the morning market

Lunch places generally closes at 2pm. We had a soba at a small shop near the hotel. Nice hot bowl of tempura soba and nishi soba (herring).

A snow storm was going to hit hokkaido, the wind was getting crazy. We walked around the town area a bit, did not reach the red brick warehouse area.  The cold and flight was taking its toll on us, so we back tracked to the hotel. After checking in to the hotel at about 4pm, we took a rest and decided that we should have an early dinner and crash for the day

Dinner at 常寿し

The town has tons of sushi place. Based on the recommendation of the owner of the soba place at lunch, we found this small sushi restaurant.
We were seated on the 2nd floor.  Would have been more interested at the sushi counter, but that seems reserved for the locals who can communicate in Japanese.

Zero english spoken here, so we ordered the mixed premium sashimi plate, premium sushi set and hoped for the best. The sashimi (topshell?) was crunchy and sweet ... nice. Managed to order a grilled fish (flatfish 宗八カレイ) and of course nama sake to wash it all down.

Crashed for the night after taking a super relaxing bath in the Onsen !!

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