Sapporo 札幌

Sapporo beer musenum, yakitori and the famous Soup Curry
P1010938 P1010940 P1010942  Den Den ga den ... a good izakaya that served very good yakitori P1010944
P1010945 P1010946  Steam oysters P1010954 P1010953  Steamed oysters in a large metal tin
P1010959 P1010961 P1010963  The famous Den den ga den yakitori P1010967  月見つくね - meat patty with raw egg
P1010956  Bacon wrapped mochi P1010948  あげなんこつ Fried chicken soft bones P1010950  Yaki Origini with cheese P1010949  Oden
P1010951  Oden P1010962  Grilled chicken liver P1010952 P1010960
P1010968  玉ねぎフライ Fried onion rings P1010969 P1010947 P1010970
P1010971 P1070024 P1070025 P1070028
P1070029 P1070031 P1070032 P1070034
P1070039 P1010989 P1070036 P1070037
P1070040 P1070038 P1070041 P1070043
P1070044 P1070045 P1070046 P1070047
P1070048 P1070050 P1070052a P1070056
P1070060 P1070061 P1070066 P1070067
P1070069 P1070071 P1070073 P1070074
P1070075 P1020010 P1020011 P1020007
P1020012 P1070076 P1010992 P1010993
P1010994 P1010995 P1010996 P1010997
P1010998 P1010999 P1020001 P1020003
P1070104 P1020006 P1070079 P1070080
P1070099 P1070101 P1070084 P1070087
P1070095 P1070106 P1070107 P1020015
P1020014 P1020018 P1020020 P1010990
P1010987 P1010986 P1020021 P1070108
P1070109 P1070110 P1070111 P1010982
P1010983 P1070115  Kadoya eel restaurant P1020023 P1070113
P1020022 P1020026 P1020027 P1020029
P1070116 P1070117 CameraZOOM-20131224094818929 CameraZOOM-20131224093919886
P1070118 P1020031 P1020032 P1020033
P1020035 P1020034 P1020036  Tasted like a more "natural" version of cherry coke P1010977
P1010972 P1010974 P1010975 P1010978
P1020037 P1020041 P1020038 P1070020
P1010980 P1010981 P1010936 P1010937