Scuba Seraya Resort and Around

Scuba Seraya Resort and Around

Singapore to Denpasar is a 2.5hrs flight. What I did not factor for was how far Seraya was from the airport. It was a good 2.5 to 3 hour ride from the airport. We took a Jetstar flight which was slightly delayed, landed in Denpasar at about 10pm+, as such got to the resort in the middle of the night (probably about 1am+). Next time, we will get on an earlier flight.

Scuba Seraya Resort was very nicely setup with lots of friendly people, very well maintained rooms, balinese outdoor shower, great garden surrounding. My favorite spot is a platform by the sea under a big ketapang tree ... for the all important between dives naps. :>

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Macro World of Seraya

Macro World of Seraya

Apparently, we stumbled upon the perfect diving week for this site. Oct is the transition month to the rainy season, so there is higher risk of rain. However, we got 4 days of blazing sun, high vis, low/no current, low divers ...

Like lembeh, it is pretty much black sand diving. However, we had fantastic visibility of more than 20m+

Like tulemban, it is a rocky beach entry ... foot massage before and after every dive.

Like lembeh (100% macro) but also very different.

What sets Seraya secrets apart is that it is a crustesean haven. Harlequin shrimps are "common", coleman shrimp, tiger shrimp, commensal shrimps, xeno crabs, boxer crab ... etc

Cleaning stations are also one of my favourite attractions, where you could find groupers, moray and also juv blue ring angels amids hundreds of cleaner shrimps. Other pretty unique finds are the Doto nudibranch.

The best find for me for the opportunity to spend 1 hour with 2 Mototi octopus on the final dive.

Oh, I forget to mention the different ghost pipefishes ... black, red and white.

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