Micronesia, Palau 2010


21 to 22 Jul 2010
Singapore to Palau (SIN-MNL-ROR) is technically not too far, however, due constraints like flights in/out of Koror via Manila only on Wed and Friday, need to meet the Live-On-Board departure schedule, transit between flights ...etc. We ended up flying in to Koror 2 days earlier that the LOB's departure date. Return flight involves 1 night transit in manila

Security checks at Manila Airport to Koror was VERY VERY strict. The customs almost unpacked everyone's hand luggage, powered on all my electronics, dismantled my torches to inspect the batteries, even has a seperate counter to inspect your shoes. I though they were going to shine my shoes for me :>

Was about 3am when we got out of Koror airport and check-in to the hotel (West Plaza by the Sea)

22 Jul 2010
The West Plaza by The Sea.
Simple, clean, spacious rooms with friendly staff ... what else can you ask for.

By the time eveyone got out of bed, we decided to have brunch at the Red Rooster Cafe in the hotel itself.

Selene with her Red Rooster Special fried chicken

We did not make it to Dolphin Pacific, the front desk could not confirm availability and would probably be too late by the time we reached there.
We ended up renting a car and taking a drive around the Big Island. Car rental was about USD$50 per day and additional USD$20 for insurance.

Took a wrong turn and ended up with some WWII war relics.

Next off to the Palau National Capitol in Melekeok

Trekking the Ngardmau waterfalls
Signing the vistor's log for entry to the Ngardmau waterfalls and of course paying the PERMIT of USD$5 per person

Was told that it was a 25 mins trek down and 40 mins trek back up. Obviously refering to very fit people sprinting down the treks :P

Start of the trail to the Ngardmau Waterfalls, via the old abandoned Ngardmau Railway Tracks, down a river ...


Up a small plateau with the top fo the waterfall in the far

The last stretch was full of roots and ankle deep mud. To reach the falls, there was still another small river to cross and up another small stretch of muddy trail. The forest was turning dark and the group decided to turn back. Darn ... should have started eariler when there was more light.

Dinner was at a japanese izakaya place, typical japanese grilled food. Obviously we had so much exercise for the day that we needed supper. Found yano's which sells their local food.

Just for sample ... we got a portion of the pork cooked with taro leaves and wrapped in coconut leaves and the giant clams to share.

Back to the hotel and after a shower, we ordered the Red rooster beer from the hotel cafe. Supper was outside the hotel room balcony with stuff from Yano's local food mart.

Product of Palau ... micro-brewery with Stout, Pale Ale, Amber, Light

23 Jul 2010
Guess what ... it time to eat again. Breakfast at a typical america cafe.

Check out the giant blueberry pancakes, french toast with sausage.

Fish n Fins were right on the dot and picked us up from the hotel at 23 Jul 1200 noon sharp !

The disclaimer forms and certification card checks at Fish n Fins office before we were transfered to  the boat !


First look at the Ocean Hunter III, our home of the next 7 days

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Palau 2010
Trip Information
21 to 31 Jul 2010
Raymond, Sock Ling, Selene Koh, Michael Chua, Eilin Hee

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