Lembeh Straits, Indonesia 2009
                                       Raymond Lim                      
Detailed Itinerary
18 Mar Changi Airport Terminal 2, Singapore (0925hrs)  -> Male Airport (1215hrs).
2 hours road trip and a quick boat transfer .... we were in Lembeh Resort by 1500hrs

Sock and I were assigned Room 4B which was in the older wing of the resort.

Nice spacious bedroom, seperate coffee table room with bar fridge & in-room water dispenser, outdoor & indoor private showers  and a large balcony over looking the mountain and the straits.

SC and Sus got assigned Room 12 which were the newer room with the BEST VIEW ... at the price of a long climb up 200+ steps each time you forget to bring something out of the room. PHEW!

Around the resort grounds 

The Dive Center

Each room was allocated a storage area for our dive gear. All gears were tagged so that the dive guides could identify, setup and load your gear to the correct boat each morning. At the end of the day, they would then wash your gear and return it to your storage area. 

Nitrox analysing was a breeze. You just have to witness the process while the guides analyse your tank, tag/label the tanks, log the O2%. Just sign on the dotted line in the logbook :> COOL SERVICE!

The Camera Room
Very spacious and well equiped with toolbox, power stablizer to protect your chargers from any electic spikes, camera towels get changed daily (or alternate days), air gun to blow dry your rig in between dives ... etc

It ended up that this is the place you visit most often, before breakfast to setup the camera, in between dives to change and charge batteries and after dinner to download a day's worth of pictures and charge more batteries.

We felt totally at ease leaving our setup in the camera room overnight as everyone's rig was bigger than ours !! 
No prizes for guessing which of the setups does not belongs to us !


19 Mar

Dive 1: Nudi Retreat 2
10 pygmy seahorses in 1 sea fan ... an excellent start for the trip. Ornate ghost pipefish (yellow)

Dive 2: Pante Parigi
Flamboyant cuttlefish, juv filefish, frogfish and the usual suspects buried under the black sand (devil fish, mantis shrimp ...etc)

Dive 3: TK 1
Emperor shrimp on sea cucumber and all 3 colors (blue, black, yellow) of ribbon eel in 1 dive site

20 May Dive 4: Critter Hunt
One of my favourite sites for nudis and black coral shrimps.

Dive 5: Tanjung Kubur
Seahorses - thorny yellow, red and white. Tozuema shrimps, popcorn shrimps, cockadoo waspfish ...and the Wonderpus

Dive 6: Jahir 2
Finger dragonet, ornate ghost pipefish (black)

Typical resort day at the pool for Sock ... lying down

21 May Dive 7: Hairball too
Snowflake moray eel, orang utan crab, yellow humpback scorpion fish ... etc

Dive 8: Rojos 2
Tozeuma shrimp (red), spider crabs, jaw fish ... etc

Dive 9: Tandu rusa
"Long leg octopus" ... with its cools mimic of a flounder

Dive 10: Lembeh Resort House Reef (Night Dive)
pygmy cuttlefish, decorator crabs, lots of finds in the seagrass, catfish ... etc

Sunset and preparing for night dive ...
22 May Dive 11: Dante's Wall
Blue water wall dive for a change. Longnose hawkfish in black coral (these guys a just too fast to photograph)
Excellent soft coral formation. Banana nudi at 30m.

Dive 12: Jiko Yance
2 tiger cowies, crabs in feather stars, variety of nudis ...etc

Dive 13: Sea Grass
Site is just off the house reef of lembeh resort.  Typical muck dive

Dive 14: Aer Prang 1 (Night Dive)
Excellent night dive watching the bobbit worm in action !
helmet shell crawling on the sea floors, weird looking umbrella nudibranch the size of a palm.

23 May Dive 15: Aw Shucks
Another must visit site ... ornate ghost pipefish, orange frogfish,wonderpus ...etc

Dive 16: Magic Rock
Excellent soft coral ... who says  lembeh is all muck

Dive 17: Nudi Falls
Vis was really bad on this dive. We were at 2.5m trying to photograph 2 frogfishes and we could not see the surface. Phew !

Dive 18: Sarena Besar (Night Dive)
Night dives in lembeh are a must-do ... bob-tail squid (1cm), bubble shell with luminous mantle, giant crab with sponge on back which keeps crashing into SC camera, spanish dancers ... etc

Happy Divers !

24 May Dive 19: Nudi Retreat 1
One last look at the pygmy for this trip. Could not find the yellow one, but found the red ones in other fans. Soft coral carb was so well camoflage that i could not figure out where it was in a total focused photograph.

Dive 12: Magic Crack
Everyone came to say good bye for the final dive :> Mimic octopus, white-pinkish seahorse, hairy octopus, Eel Blenny ... see you next time.

25 May Packed and ready to go home


1000hrs Transfer from Lembeh Resort to Airport.

1345hrs Flight home to Singapore

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Trip Information

Lembeh Straits 2009

18 May to 25 May 2009
Sheng Cheong, Susanah, Sock Ling & Raymond Lim

8 days dive trip to critters paradise at Lembeh Resort 

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