Cambodia 2008

Day 5 to 6 (Phnom Khluen, Koh Ker)
27 Nov 2008 - Phnom Kulen
The typical road conditions to Phnom Kulen ... full of potholes and 10 km/h

Enroute we encountered 3 monks living and mediating in the jungle in Phnom Kulen. In the day, they would be standing by the road, as passer-by offers alms.
Soluy helped made the necessary logistics such that we were able to give our offering of simple bread and water to the monks.

One of the monks chanted in Khmer (I think), another asked where we are from and the last monk gave us a paper charm.

This area has recently been cleared of mines. Snake wine at the local market

Stone recling buddha at the top of the temple.

Making sure the little kids are still looking after our shoes.

Jackfuit and sticky rice, grilled in banana leaf. Very yummy ... should have bought another one.

River of 1000 lingas

Spring water source ... water was super clear

Lunch @ local grill stall, rented a picnic hut (5000R) ... lunch cambodian style
- grilled chicken, grilled catfish, chinese sausage
- tamarind,salt,lime,garlic,chilli - mixed with rice and fish was very good
- fresh coconut
*grilled catfish is my favourite

Waterfall - scene from the tomb raider

Sock tested her goretex shoes when one of her foot slipped into the river when climbing the rocks to see the lower part of the water falls. Obviously Goretex works ... the other part of her shoe was dry but the inside was wet :>

Dinner @ Blue Pumpkin
- Lemon-mango yorgurt shake, Ginger carrot lemongrass drink, amok fish ravioli, chicken raivioli.
- Serving was small considering the price, then again there are comfy seat and free wifi.

28 Nov 2008 - Koh Ker (pronounced "Kor Kay")

120 km drive (3 hours) from Siem Reap, so called the "dancing road".

Stopped by the local stalls and market, got a local french loaf ("normal" non-sweet version) for 500R and some local snacks (cocount based cambodia dountnut? and charcoal grilled waffles)

Arrived at Koh Ker,  we packed brunch from blue pumpkin as Soluy was afraid that the water and food at Koh Ker was "too local" for us. Apparently not :> had the noddles (mama) soup with lots of veg ... (maggi noddles). Very yummy. Yes i know we eat a lot :>

Koh Ker
Another temple ruins set in a quiet remote jungle area


No need to remind us to strictly stick to the tracks ... passing by some active demining activities in the area.

Teabreak @ local rice stall at Beng Mealea
- rice with sour & spicy soup and pork with veg

Beng Mealea
One of the few temples where the platform is high enough such that a top-down view of the site is possible. Climbed through a half-covered collapsed doorway to a 10m walk in one of the gallery the temple.

***** 5 star toilets at Beng Mealea and Koh Ker ... they are cleaner than some toilets in Singapore!

To the folks at La Villa Loti
     The place was beautiful, the room was fantastic, clean and tidy.
The people are always cheery, friendly and helpful beyond our basic needs.
       The tuk-tuk drivers are safe, responsible and on time.
       Always felt at home. Nothing else I can ask for. THANK YOU
To Soluy and Nara
    Thank you for the 5 days of good company, detailed tour of the temples, safe and reliable driving. We have seen so much of the architecture and history of the temple ruins, took 1000s of photos, tasted our fair share of local food, had a quick glimpse of the life and culture of cambodia and her people. We really enjoyed ourselves.Thank You

Soluy Loeurt
Mobile: (+855) 0 92 122 069


Mobile: (+855) 0 12 294 173

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