Cambodia 2008

Day 3 to 4 (Angkor Temples, Kbal Speen, Banteay Srei)
25 Nov 2008

4:45am Sunrise at Angkor Wat
Soluy got us chairs (which were rented) so that you can "blocked" the best viewing spot as the place was soon crowded with other tourist. The sun decided not to break through the clouds today.

Banteay Srei
Wonderful little temple of pink and orange sandstone with very beautiful and detailed carvings still intact.

Breakfast @ Pasar Banteay Srei
We packed breakfast from the hotel, Soluy had the folks at the stall heat up our bread and  cut up the fruits for us .. so nice. Anyway, we ordered additional breakfast of soup noodles, pancakes with pineapple and coffee.

This seems like a good place for shopping, Sock bought a medium sized rattan handbag for USD$8

Kbal Spean
1.5km uphill climb. We are as usual slow and took much longer to reach the destination as we stopped many times along the way to take photos, examine moss covered rocks, admire the spiralling vines in the forest ...

Landmine Museum
Watch a 25 mins video by Aki Ra ... amazing how he has been clearing mines, up to 36mines per hour. Of course the usual disclaimer that knocking detonators out of a bouncing betty mines with a bayount is not inline with current day safety precautions. I guess that's why modern army can only clear mines at a much slower pace :>

The meseum is small but well stock with defused shells of all type of mines, mortar and shells. Stacks of historic pictures of demining action in the field. Worth a visit and a donation to support their cause.

1430 Quick lunch at one of the restaurant near Angkor

Ta Prohm
The famous temple with the giant trees made famous by Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider

North Gate of Ta Prohm
Trek to the North Gate, climbed the wall of the north gate for a view from the top.

Dinner @ Khmer Kitchen
- Grilled fish
- Korko soup with shrimps, long beans, pumpkin, turnips, garlic (very thick stew ... EXCELLENT!)
- fried spring roll

Did a foot massage before dinner, not as "strong" as those you get in foot reflexology in singapore.

26 Nov 2008

Phnom Bakheng
We set off from the hotel at 7am. Walked up the elephant route and the place was virtually empty (except for the care taker). Was a wonderful and different feeling when you sense the serenity of the place. 109 towers, climbed the steep small steps of the 7 levels of this temple.

Preah Khan

Although this temple does not as many impressive trees as Ta Phrom, I like the quiet atmosphere, endless chambers and door ways, a feeling of discovery and exploration. This would easily become my favourite site.

North Gate of Angkor Thom
Moss covered gate ...

Pre Rup
Nice linear brick structure

Lunch @ Pub Street

14:00 Continued our Discovery of Angkor Wat
The grand scale of Angkor Wat ... endless wall murals, beautiful asparsa, magnificant prasats

Dinner @ Viroth (Highly recommended)
- Food and ambience here is fantastic ... beats FCC anytime in terms of quality and value.
- Grilled fish prahoc in banana leaf
- Khmer sour fish soup with morning glory
- Grilled pork chop (*** if you like pork chops does not get better then this !! ***)

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Cambodia 2008
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