Ellaidhoo Resort
Ari Atoll, Maldives 2005

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Travel Log - 08 Jul 2005 to 16 Jul 2005
08 Jul 2005
Singapore -> Male Airport -> Male
Changi Airport Terminal 2, Singapore (2030hrs)  -> Male Airport (2200hrs)

Dhoni Transfer to Male

Over night stay at NASANDHURA PALACE HOTEL. Very good hotel 30 seconds walk from Male Ferry Arrival Jetty

09 Jul 2005
Male -> Ari Atoll, Ellaidhoo

0915 Dhoni to Male Airport.

1030 Maldivian Air Taxi Transfer to Ari Atoll.

Dive 1: Check Out dive at Maaga Lagoon

Dive 2: Night Dive at Ellaidhoo House Reef
Red snapper hunting, trevelly feeding, free swimming moray, stingray ... does anything ever sleeps on this reef ?

10 Jul 2005
Ari Atoll, Ellaidhoo

Dive 3: Bodu Thila
Whitetips, dog tooth tuna, trevelly, skipjacks ... hunting in the current

Dive 4: Ellaidhoo Giri East
Red frogfish, large school of bannerfish, red tooth trigger ... and the jacks , trevelly and tuna.

Dive 5: Bathala Thila
Batfish dive ... stop following me
11 Jul 2005
Ari Atoll, Ellaidhoo

Dive 6: Orimas Faru
Fish density here is so "thick" that you can hardly see the reef.

Dive 7: Medhu Thila
Whitetips, "King" lobster. Watch out for the black cheek moray. They are everywhere and they bite. Especially the smaller ones

Dive 8: Kuda Thila
Schools of yellow snappers, White leaf fish, whitetips, tuna and jacks everywhere
12 Jul 2005
Ari Atoll, Ellaidhoo
Dive 9: Maaya Thila
Grey reef sharks, white tips,  eagleray ... what else can one ask for ! Watch out for the blades of the surgeonfish playing in your bubbles.

Dive10: Ellaidhoo Thila
Whitetips, turltes, Octopus, marbleray in under hang ... and look out for the different types of anemone shrimps

Dive 11:Halavelli Wreck
Small wreck off the house reef of Halavelli Resort

Dive 12:  Ellaidhoo House Reef (Night Dive)
1m large red snapper fighting with free swimming moray for a share of the food. Also good for macro life
13 Jul 2005
Ari Atoll, Ellaidhoo

Dive 13: Fish Head
Napolean Wrasse .... watch out for your fingers, this fellow is over friendly. Large grey reef  with entourage of fish. Dolphins sonic sounds ... but no sight of them.

Great storm blew up and the second morning dive was aborted. Free roller coaster ride all the way back to the resort.

Dive 14: Maaga Inside Corner
Swim through filled with glassfish, yellowbox fish, juv empreror angel. Really cool feeling swimming away from the reef to a thila at 22m out in the blue water.
14 Jul 2005
Ari Atoll, Ellaidhoo
Dive 15: Bathala Maaga Kan Thila
Dive of the Grey Reefs Sharks. Vis was not that good but there was at least 10 grey reef  within sight. Who knows how many more in the blue waters. COOL SITE

Dive 16: Orimas Thila
2 Mantas decided to circle us for 10 full minutes during the safety stop.  Beautiful anemone garden

Dive 17: Kanduludhoo Thila
Lilac frogfish and Red frogfish ... the lilac one was really cool looking

15 Jul 2005
Ari Atoll, Ellaidhoo -> Male -> Singapore

1550hrs Maldivian Air Taxi Transfer -> Male

2335hrs Flight home SQ451
16 Jul 2005
Touchdown Singapore 0700hrs

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08 Jul 2005 to 16 Jul 2005

Sheng Cheong & Susanah Ong,
Sock Ling & Raymond Lim

Dive Operator: SeaXplorer - Ellaidhoo
Corina, David Swan, Rainer Buchsot
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