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Hokkaido and Kyushu, Japan 2004

14 days self-drive trip around Hokkaido, 1 night in Kyushu

Susan Lui, Sock Li, Sock Ling & Raymond

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Travel Log03 Oct 2004 to 16 Oct 2004
03 Oct 2004
Singapore -> Fukuoka -> Chitose ->  Toyosato Muminnura YH
Changi Airport Terminal 1, Singapore -> Fukuoka, Kyushu -> New Chitose Airport, Sapporo

Lunch @ Chitose Airport Mall - Crab meat, Ikura, Uni Bento, Hokkaido milk

Picked Rental Car - Mazda Famili 1.5l - 1361

Dinner @ 処 そば 大みや    Tel: 01454-2-5215
- Kaki (Oyster) Soba, Shishamo Soba (Very good soba and oysters)

Got lost trying to find the youth hostel in the dark, saved by lady ranch owner
04 Oct 2004
Monbetsu-cho -> Otahuke-cho
Toipirka Kitaobihiro YH
Horse riding at Ikuchise Stub ?

Lunch @ ? - butan-don, Steak

Dinner @ Toipirka Kitaobihiro YH

Onsen @ かんぼの宿 (kanbo-no-yado)
05 Oct 2004
Otahuke-cho ->Kushiro -> Shibecha-gun
Kushiro Shitsugen YH
Free Foot Onsen at Tokachi,  Salmon watching along

Ikeda Wine Castle

Happiness Dairy - Ice Cream Stop - gamo, O-sake, tiaramisu, pumpukin

Lunch @ YONEKURA (Ikeda) - Steak (和牛)

Drive along lake and came to Lest House ( nice log cabin which served dinner but we did not have the chance to eat there)

Dinner @ Auberge Pirkatoro - Beef Stew

Onsen at  憩の家  (very good value)

Back at YH having tea and watching "Flying train lights in the marshland" 
06 Oct 2004
Shibecha-gun -> Teshikaga-cho
Masyuko YH

Breakfast & Shopping @ Washo Market

Kushiro Mashland observatory point 1

Lunch @ 八広山 らーめん工屋    Tel:0154-40-1318
- Dandan Ramen , Very good gyoza (Best Gyoza Award)

Tancho Japanese Crane Reserve (Kushiro City) (0154) 56-2219

Dinner @ Great Bear - Hambuger Steak, Salmon Steak

Onsen at Masyuko YH
07 Oct 2004
Masyuko YH
Breakfast @ The Great Bear
- Continetial breakfast, rhupbert ?? jam and fantastic warm milk (Best Milk Award)

Masyuko Observatory point 1 and 3

Kussharuko - 和琴半島 (wakato peninsular)

Ice cream stop (Create Ice Cream only found in Hokkaido) at Kussharuko 砂湯

Lunch @ 久兵 衞 (Teishikaga)
- Seafood ramen, Ten Don (Best Ten Don Award)

Tea break @ Kawayu Station, suppose to have the best soft ice cream but they were sold out so we only had cake

Mt Iou - active volcano spewing sulphur fumes, lots of woodpeckers at bushes on left of gift shop

Sunset at Mashuko Observatory point 3

Onsen at  第一ホテル (川湯 - kawayu)    Tel: 3-2411

Dinner @ 三三五五 (Tel: 3-3355) (Recommended)
- yakiniku, sashimi, 男山sake

Wood craft at shop directly opposite 第一ホテル
08 Oct 2004
Teshikaga -> Abashiri
Abashiri Ryuhyo no Oka
Breakfast @ the Great Bear

双湖台 - View point for Lake Panketo,Penketo along Route 241

Akanko eco musemun , marimo, bokke with bubbling hot mud pools

Lunch - Ainu lunch (Most Native Meal Award)

Ainu Village

Lake Onneto

Bihiro sunflower farm

Dinner @ Abashiri Micro Brewery
- hotplate beef and seafood (beer is so-so only)
Dinner (2nd round) at Big Sun Sushi  (Tel: 45-3333)
- kombu with dried fish roe paste, almond jelly
09 Oct 2004
Abashiri -> Kitami -> Daisetsu -> Biei
Potato-no-oka YH
Notorolo Sangoso - to view the red algae

Breakfast @ Mr Dount in Kitami

Kitami - the pepermint city. (Missed the Crysentemum Matsuji on 15 Oct)

Highway stop on route 39 with captive foxes.

石北峠 - 1050m along route 39 (Sekihoku Pass), view point for 大雪湖
(Best Corn Award)

Milky way and Shooting Star waterfalls

Sounkyo gouge

Lunch @ 黒岳口 in Sonukyo (western chicken chop , sphagetti stuff)

All the way to Biei

Dinner @  Potato-no-oka YH

10 Oct 2004
Potato-no-oka YH
Tomita Farm at Furano

Breakfast @ Great Bear

Sanai, Chiyodai viewpoint for  大雪山 (Daisetzuzan)

TakuShinKan - Photo gallery Shino Maeda

Biei trees - Tree of Philosophy, Tree of Heavan

Lunch @ Otawa
- character ramen place near Biei Station (Best Miso Ramen Award)

First people in the world to bring a rental car for car wash. Says so much about the state of the car

Goryo Hill (Bear Country) - best view point right at the top, was raining, so we just drove around. Looking at all the slopes. Moral of the story is that cycling is a good idea only if you don't have a car

Tree of a Tree, Tree of 7 stars, Tree of a ghost, Tree of parents & child

Dinner at YH (Best YH Potato Dinner Award)

Onsen @ の 湯 (banka-no-yu)

11 Oct 2004
Biei -> Yubari
Yubari Forest YH
House of cat

Sunflower field , Mustard field

Breakfast @ ランチ カフェ 風 (Lunch Cafe )
- Katsu Steak Sandwich

Enzogama pottery gallery

Takushinkan to buy books and calendars

Ice Cream stop at the カフェ(Cafe at the curve near Sanai view point)
(Best Ice Cream in macha Award)

Lunch at Blanc Rouge (Good beef stew)

One more drive to bear country, Tree of Christmas, Minstrel Tree, Mild Seven, Lover's Tree, Hill of Hokuei,

Dinner @ Yubari YH - baked miso fish, melon jelly (Best YH Dinner Award)

12 Oct 2004
Yubari -> Chitose -> Kitayuzawa
Kitayuzawa YH
Drive along Route 452 for Momoji

Breakfast @ Yubari YH
(Best YH Breakfast Award)

Chitose Salmon observatory

Lunch @ at 望羊蹄 in Toya
- sizzling steak

三 階滝 at ootaki  (3 level waterfall)

洞 爺湖 Lake Toya

支 笏湖

Apple plantation off Route 453

Onsen @ Kitayuzawa YH

Dinner @ Kitayuzawa YH and more sake
13 Oct 2004
Kitayuzawa -> Chitose Airport ==>> Fukuoka Airport -> Yufuin
Yufuin YH
Onsen @ Kitayuzawa YH

Biggest highway stopover at Route 276

Breakfast @ Airport - ramen

Shopping at Airport

Chitose -> Fukuoka

Pick up another rental car form All Nippon Car Rental
- Toyota Corolla 1.5l - 1668
- works out to be about Yen10,000+ per day  including insurance, GPS and taxes

2 hours drive to Yufuin

Arrive at Yufuin Youth Hostel
(Most Character YH Award)

Dinner @ 二鶴 inYufuin
- mizutaki, fried rice, yaki yasei somen
(Best Character Shop Award)

Onsen at Fuyuin YH
14 Oct 2004
Yufuin -> Beppu -> Usuki -> Yufuin
Yufuin YH
Breakfast @ Yufuin YH

Beppu "Blood Hell", Slot machine "qian"

Beppu "Sea Hell"

Lunch @ 甘味 茶屋     Tel: 0977-67-6024
- Konyaku speciality, Special 4 season teishoku sashimi and fried fish,

Usuki Stone Buddha

Drove pass - Pessimon orchard

Dinner @ Yamasaki in usuki
- Shabushabu, Tempura  Fugu

Onsen at Yufuin YH
15 Oct 2004
Yufuin -> Hita -> Kurume -> Hakata
SkyCourt Hakata YH
Onsen at Yufuin YH

日田( Hita) - Maneda Shopping

oMacha @ another very character shop

Lunch @ 日田干屋 (Recommended - very good stuff )
- unagi rice and unagi stomach sashimi
- eel speciality shop that serves nothing but grilled eel on rice and the 3 ways of eating it

Kurume, some factory outlet place to look at the dye cloth and rattan

The very difficult to find Hakata SkyCourt and return of rental car.
Traffic conditions in Hakata is terrible, the theory is that is you don't chiong you will not get anywhere

Dinner @ Yatai
- Oden, Ramen, Yakinku
16 Oct 2004
YH -> Fukuoka Airport -> Singapore
YH -> Airport via Taxi (20 mins, Yen 1300)